Daniel Darling New Albin, Iowa July 2, 2015,
David Lee "Fuzz" Bird, Denver, Iowa formerly of Wauzeka, Wisconsin, June 30, 2015, posted on web July 2, 2015,
Fredric Albert Ketterer, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, July 1, 2015,
Phyllis Mary Wille, Monona, Iowa, June 30, 2015 ,
Norma Peterson, Postville, Iowa, June 29, 2015,
Duane H. Meyer, Castalia, Iowa, June 26, 2015,
Ida Mae Olson, Postville, Iowa, June 24, 2015,
Virginia Burger, Postville, Iowa, June 23, 2015,
Shirley Meyer, Monona, Iowa, June 23, 2015,
Esther Schutte, Postville, Iowa, June 23, 2015,
Grace McBride, Elkader, Iowa formerly of Monona, Iowa, June 23, 2015,
Pauline Everman, Postville, Iowa, June 22, 2015,
Richard D. "Dick" Koehn Monona, Iowa June 19, 2015,
Michael Cyril Mooney, New Albin, Iowa, June 18, 2015,
Miranda Kalke, Monona, Iowa, June 14, 2015,
Scott Plaht, Postville, Iowa, June 8, 2015,
Lois Ehler, Charles City, Iowa formerly of Ossian, Iowa, June 5, 2015,
Vernon Henning, Farmersburg, Iowa, June 5, 2015,
Marjorie Amundson, Clermont, Iowa, June 4, 2015,
Dawn Slyfield, McGregor, Iowa, February 1, 2015, posted on web June 4, 2015,
Don Henkels, Monona, Iowa, Wednesday, June 3, 2015,
Merlin Lee Boese, Waukon, Iowa, formerly of Postville, Iowa, Wednesday, June 3, 2015 ,
Dorothy Halverson, McGregor, Iowa, Tuesday, May 26, 2015,
Ernest Helgerson, Clermont, Iowa, May 26, 2015,
Robert (REM) Margroff, Elgin, Iowa, May 25, 2015,
Jason Ferguson, Monona, Iowa May 23, 2015,
Marie Theresa Tieskoetter, Ossian, Iowa, May 15, 2015,
Philip Anthony, McGregor, Iowa formerly of Eastman, Wisconsin, May 13, 2015,
Viva Etta “Bobbie” Cota, Cedar Falls, Iowa, May 10, 2015,
Florence Olson, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, May 5, 2015,
Roger Frieden, Elgin, Iowa, April 14, 2015, posted on web May 5, 2015,
Eleanor Loftsgard, Elgin, Iowa, May 3, 2015,
Rebecca White, St. Olaf, Iowa, April 28, 2015,
Catherine Huinker, Ossian, Iowa, April 27, 2015,
Jaxson Orlin Thompson, Froelich, Iowa, April 25, 2015,
Ellen Bechtel, Luana, Iowa, April 25, 2015,
Dora L. Medberry, Elgin, Iowa, April 22, 2015,
Agnes Raymond, Lansing, Iowa, April 16, 2015,
Daniel Bruns, Rochester, Minnesota formerly of Luana, Iowa, April 15, 2015,
Edward Szabo, Clermont, Iowa, April 15, 2015,

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