Erv Mueller, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, July 23, 2016 ,
Ralph Junior Corlett, McGregor, Iowa, July 20, 2016,
Adrian Denis Lofte, Ossian, Iowa, July 15, 2016,
Vera Burkhalter, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, July 14, 2016,
Karl Casten, Postville, Iowa, July 13, 2016,
Robert Louis “Bob” Berns, Luana, Iowa, July 11, 2016,
Ricky Lee "Rick" Lenth, Monona, Iowa, July 11, 2016,
Karen Jaster, Ossian, Iowa, July 10, 2016,
Alan Dwight Wirkler, Farmersburg, Iowa, July 7, 2016,
Frieda Harris, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, July 3, 2016 ,
Eldon Muchow, Postville, Iowa, July 2, 2016,
Andrew M. Chase, Lansing, Iowa, July 1, 2016,
Thomas John Reardon, Monona, Iowa, June 29, 2016,
Mary Orth, Rochester, Minnesota, June 28, 2016,
Lucille Carnicle, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, June 23, 2016 ,
Gervase H. Hanken, Ossian, Iowa, June 21, 2016,
Bettie Marie (DeHaven) Mueller, Davenport, Iowa formerly of McGregor, Iowa, November 25, 2015, posted on web June 21, 2016,
Carla Rear, Clermont, Iowa, June 18, 2016,
Mary Ann Scheffert, Waukon, Iowa, formerly of McGregor, Iowa, June 17, 2016,
Alvin J. Gross, Eldorado, Iowa, June 14, 2016,
Ann Trudo, Marquette, Iowa, June 13, 2016 ,
Joan Carol Eber, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, June 9, 2016,
Geraldine Cook, Postville, Thursday, June 9, 2016,
Nona Torson, Elgin Iowa, June 8, 2016,
Sandra Bollman, Monona, Iowa, June 7, 2016,
Margaret “Maggie” Mueller, Luana, Iowa, June 5, 2016,
Mary Ann Peters, Lansing, Iowa, June 1, 2016,
Roland F. Welsch, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, May 29, 2016,
Donovan Daentl, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, May 30, 2016,
Norma Jean Ernst, Ossian, Iowa, Thursday, May 26, 2016,
Orland Scheffert, McGregor, Iowa, May 24, 2016,
Ramona Krambeer, Monona, Iowa, May 23, 2016,
Melvin Julius Burgus, Seneca, Wisconsin, May 23, 2016,
Ethel Laufer, McGregor, Iowa, May 20, 2016,
Earl Reiser, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, May 19, 2016,
Alma Berg, Clermont, Iowa, May 18, 2016,
Henry James "Jr" Monroe Jr., Castalia, Iowa, May 16, 2016,
Sue Woods, Elgin, Iowa, May 12, 2016,
Dorothy “Jeanne” Africa, Clermont, Iowa, May 9, 2016,
Roy "Bud" Jamesen, McGregor, Iowa, May 8, 2016,

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