Doris Palas, Luana, Iowa, September 29, 2014,
Michael James "Jim" Riley, Dubuque, Iowa, McGregor, Iowa, September 27, 2014,
Jenny Jeanne (Conlon) Manning, Harpers Ferry, September 21, 2014,
Shirley A. Kuennen, Ossian Iowa, September 21, 2014 ,
Ivan Torkelson, Elgin, Iowa, September 13, 2014,
Michelle Krugger, Luana, Iowa, September 9, 2014,
Mary Ann Glesne, Cedar Rapids, formerly of Prairie du Chien, September 9, 2014,
Martin James Delaney, Harpers Ferry, Iowa, September 9, 2014 ,
Grace Bechtel, Lansing, Iowa, September 8, 2014,
Jacqueline Dirksen, Monona, Iowa, September 8, 2014,
Paul Miene, Postville, Iowa, September 5, 2014 ,
Lois Y. (Yauslin) Luchsinger, Clermont, Iowa, August 27, 2014,
Francis Joseph Kernan, Wexford, Iowa, August 25, 2014,
Bert Butikofer, Elgin, Iowa, August 25, 2014,
Crystal LeeAnn Sickles, Lansing, Iowa, August 24, 2014,
Gene R. Stockman, Frankville, Iowa, August 24, 2014,
Jesse James Cornelison, West Union, Iowa, August 18, 2014,
Betty A. Gramlich, Lansing, Iowa, August 15, 2014,
Scott Eberling, Postville, Iowa, August 12, 2014,
Glen Wendel, Lansing, Iowa, August 10, 2014 ,
Tonya Leas, Monona, Iowa, August 3, 2014,
Bernald Martins, Postville, Iowa, August 2, 2014,
Shirley Eileen Kann, McGregor, Iowa, August 2, 2014,
Helen Hendrickson, McGregor, Iowa, July 31, 2014,
Marilynn Suetmeyer, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, July 27, 2014,
Francis Joseph "Frank" Delaney, Wexford, Iowa, July 27, 2014,
Maxwell Price-Hughes, Frankville, Iowa, July 26, 2014,
Mildred “Millie” Matilda Dettman, Luana, Iowa, July 25, 2014 ,
Dan Butikofer, Elgin Iowa, July 24, 2014 ,
Lyndon James Kubitz, New Albin, Iowa, July 23, 2014 ,
Charles Luther Wiedenmann, Monona, Iowa, July 21, 2014,
Ina Sophia Radloff, Farmersburg, Iowa, July 21, 2014,
Shirley Thornton, McGregor, Iowa, July 16, 2014 ,
Promise Rose Honeywell, DC, La Crosse, Wisconsin, July 13, 2014,
Thomas J. McKee, Lansing, Iowa, July 11, 2014,
Deborah Zielski, McGregor, Iowa, July 11, 2014,
Shelley Shaw, Bagley, Wisconsin, July 7, 2014,
Ruby Anna Emma Foels, Postville, Iowa, July 6, 2014,
Susann Marie Little, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, formerly of Monona, Iowa, July 6, 2014,
Arnold “Tony” Dean Bland, Marquette, Iowa, July 5, 2014,

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